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New loan with current credit

Of course I am also available to help you find a new apartment. Therefore, loans appear next to the loans that are already running. Fixed interest rates for new loans provide planning security for the future. It depends on your creditworthiness whether you get a loan or not despite ongoing loans.

Credit despite short-term loan 

Credit despite short-term loan 

Continuous lending in many cases does not prevent you from needing further lending. However, potential borrowers often fear that the old debt would make it more difficult to lend. It is not possible to grant a loan despite a current loan. However, despite the previous contracts, it is almost always possible to reach the loan volume.

The first question the bank asks you whether you want to have a loan despite ongoing lending is about creditworthiness – your ability to repay the loan volume. The donor wants to make sure that you can pay the new monthly payments without any problems. After deducting all of your monthly expenses, savings contributions, and benefit rates, you should withhold at least $ 100 from your income.

Grant loan by what case?

Grant loan by what case?

If this is the case, you have no obstacle to getting another loan. In practice, credit institutions are not even really interested in older loans in such cases. For the past six months, he’s been suspicious and wants to be on the safe side before granting you the loan.

In another example, at least your bank agrees to grant the loan, even if your creditworthiness is poor, despite the fact that you have longer loans: Now you exchange an existing loan for a new, cheaper loan. So the loan is also in the sense of the money house that granted you the old loan, after all, the chance that you get the debt without problems increases.

If your creditworthiness is poor and you may also have problems with the Hungarian State Chancellery, you can pay out a loan despite the ongoing lending. There are two ways to do this: First, you do not claim the loan alone, but in pairs. On the other hand, you involve a guarantor in the lending, who is responsible for at least the largest part of the debt.

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