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MSP® Practitioner Re-Registration

Duration: 3 days                         

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Course Overview:

In order for their qualification to remain current, all MSP Practitioners holding the qualification since January 1st 2008 must “re-register” at least every five years by taking and passing the 1 hour 15 minute Practitioner Re-registration examination.

MSP has recently been refreshed (in 2007 and 2001) and, therefore, Practitioners currently needing to re-register will be unfamiliar with this new, fourth edition of the MSP methodology.

This intensive course will give delegates a detailed knowledge of the fourth edition of MSP and prepare them thoroughly to sit the Practitioner Re-registration examinations. There is approximately 10-12 hours of pre-course study which is required in preparation for this course.

The course is inclusive of courseware, examinations, refreshments, post course tutor support, and pass guarantee.

Course Content:

  • Introduction and Programme Management Principles
  • Governance Themes
  • Programme Organisation
  • Programme Office
  • Vision
  • Leadership and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Benefits Management
  • Blueprint Design and Delivery
  • Programme Planning and Control
  • The Business Case
  • Risk and Issue Management
  • Quality and Assurance Management
  • Transformational Flow:
    • Identifying a Programme
    • Defining a Programme
    • Managing the Tranches
    • Delivering Capability
    • Realising the Benefits
  • Closing a Programme
  • Practitioner Re-registration Examination

Course Objectives:

This course will enable participants to:

  • Understand the fourth edition of the MSP methodology in detail
  • Identify the changes and differences between the fourth edition of MSP and previous editions
  • Define a programme and how a strategy or vision can be broken down into individual projects
  • Identify barriers to running a successful programme and actions to overcome these barriers
  • Review the Lifecycle of a programme and the roles and responsibilities of those involved in programmes
  • Understand how to build capabilities, which transition into outcomes that realise benefits for the organisation
  • Discuss and understand the Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) approach, building on the Delegates own experience and knowledge of large-scale change
  • Discuss how MSP could be applied in real life situations and undertake practical work in a supportive training environment
  • Be prepared to sit the MSP Practitioner Re-registration examination

Who Will Benefit?

This course will benefit any MSP Practitioners who gained the qualification between three to five years ago and are, therefore, looking to re-register in order to keep their qualification current.


The 1 hour and 15 minute Practitioner Re-registration examination is taken on the afternoon of the third day of the course.  This is an open-book, Objective Testing Examination (OTE) in which delegates need to score 15 out of 30 in order to pass.


Delegates must hold the MSP Practitioner (or Intermediate as it was previously known) certificate.

Course Materials:

Delegates will receive a copy of the fifth edition of Managing Successful Projects with MSP, FGI MSP Practitioner courseware and a detailed Revision and Examination Preparation Guide.

Private On-Site Training:

This course can also be taught privately at your workplace by our accredited trainers, for more information read about our on-site training.

If you would like more information on this course, please Contact Us.

Event Registration

Event Date Price
MSP® >> MSP Practitioner Re-Registration
MSP Practitioner Re-Registration
 Location:  London Citypoint
Start: 09-03-2015
 End:  11-03-2015
£ 560.00
MSP Practitioner Re-Registration
 Location:  Warwick
Start: 20-04-2015
 End:  22-04-2015
£ 560.00
MSP Practitioner Re-Registration
 Location:  London Citypoint
Start: 11-05-2015
 End:  13-05-2015
£ 560.00
MSP Practitioner Re-Registration
 Location:  Warwick
Start: 01-06-2015
 End:  03-06-2015
£ 560.00
MSP Practitioner Re-Registration
 Location:  London Citypoint
Start: 20-07-2015
 End:  22-07-2015
£ 560.00


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