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ITIL® Expert Passport

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The ITIL Expert qualification scheme requires that all candidates pose a well-balanced knowledge. The certifications examine across the entire ITIL Service Management Practice Lifecycle and it is therefore important that any candidate wishing to become an ITIL Expert select modules that span across the lifecycle.

The matrix below details the recommended ITIL Expert passport combinations. The FGI Expert Passport is an ideal solution to individuals who want to gain the ITIL Expert qualification.



Save up to £1,540 with the Expert Passport prices start from £7,200!

ITIL Passport Options

Passports List Price Bundle Price Saving
Option A £8,060 £7,200 £860
Option B £8,220 £7,200 £1,020
Option C £8,740 £7,400 £1,340
Option D £9,000 £7,500 £1,500
Option E £9,040 £7,500 £1,540
Option F £8,740 £7,400 £1,340
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